Continuing Stage 1

Stage 1 Foundational Trainings Continue Until 19 September.

EDIT: Please note an additional training has been added 7-11 September and dates for the Stage 2 Summit are changing to accommodate Eid Al-Adha “Kurban Hayit” and Teacher Day.

Please share this information with interested colleagues. All interested educators are welcome at the foundational trainings.

Stage 2 starts with a required 3-day Summit on 2-4 October.

Stage 1 Certificate-Level 32-hour
Foundations of Materials Design training sessions are scheduled

Monday thru Saturday, 13-18 July, Tashkent, UzRIC
Monday thru Friday, 3-7 August, Tashkent, UzTEA
Monday thru Friday, 10-14 August, Tashkent, UzRIC
Monday thru Friday, 24-28 August, Nukus
Monday thru Friday, 7-11 September, UzRIC
Monday thru Saturday, 14-19 September, Westminster (By invitation only)

Special 2-day
Introduction to Foundations of Materials Design
training sessions are scheduled

Wednesday and Thursday, 2-3 September, Bukhara
Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 September, Samarkand

EDIT: Please note the training in Samarkand and Bukhara has moved entirely to Tashkent, 7-11 September.

To reserve a space in a session and to receive permission letters, contact

Svetlana Khan
Phone: +99890 189 8411

Instructors who wish to join the design project will participate in just one phase of foundational training.

peer trial materials design

Participants who complete the program with at least 90% participation (no more than 2 hours absence) will receive a certificate of completion from the two officiants of the program: National Research Center for Innovations in Teaching Foreign Languages and U.S. English Language Programs.

Eligibility for Stages 2 and 3
Participants who earn a certificate will then be eligible to join Stage 2 of the project in which the teams develop a model textbook to be used as a template by individual designers in Stage 3.

Preparing for Training
Trainees should download the textbook, Bridges, an example of work from our English Language Specialist, Dee Broughton. The book will be useful for discussing design techniques during training. Participants who are able should bring laptops to work on. Internet access via USB modem or mobile phone will be very helpful. All participants must sign up for our email list to receive important training information.

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