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b2readycover The product of the year-long ESP Materials Design Partnership Project is now available for download. B2 Ready is not a typical textbook, though it can be used very well as one. It is a collection of English language learning activities based on principles of language teaching and learning produced by thirty teachers from across Uzbekistan and the materials design specialist, Dee Broughton.

When used as a textbook, the intended audience is students who are preparing for or beginning university study who wish to raise their language level from high B1 to B2 while attaining fundamental academic writing skills.

When used by materials designers, B2 Ready is an example of effective activities that designers can use as templates as they write their own textbooks.

B2 Ready focuses on B2 level because it is the level of the “independent user.” An independent user of English will be able to learn new information using English. This is very important because a huge amount of academic information is freely available in English via the internet.

Becoming an independent user of English requires a good command of, at least, the 2000 most common words of English and some additional academic vocabulary. B2 Ready focuses on this vocabulary level with 92% of its texts in this range. Many of the words in B2 Ready that outside this range were carefully chosen to be cognates of Uzbek and Russian so that they will be easily understood by many Central Asian readers.

For students in a university setting, the B2 level is also an appropriate level to begin focusing on developing academic writing skills. Academic writing is characterized by appropriate, accurate use of sources. B2 Ready strives to give students a foundation in awareness and use of sources as well as exposure to use of appropriate structures in academic writing. In preparation for doing high-level academic work, B2 Ready activities focus on helping students develop higher-level thinking skills, with emphasis on application of information, analysis, and evaluation.

From beginning to end, B2 Ready is a model of rich, authentic English on a wide variety of interesting topics. All texts are designed to model responsible use of intellectual property. All texts illustrate accurate use of sources, and all texts are legally available for use, using either public domain, creative commons, reprint with permission, or proper quotation and citation.

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