New StudyDo Design for Uzbekistan

This summer, while working on the ESP Materials Design Partnership Project, the materials design specialist, Dee Broughton, took an opportunity to work with some designers from the National Research Center for Innovations in Teaching Foreign Languages to create a little booklet aimed at summer camps. For Dee, it was a great chance to quickly revise some of her Indian designs to an Uzbek context with some experienced Uzbek textbook writers.


EFL Holiday

The result is a fun little book that, not only takes into account Uzbek culture, but also creates a new, efficient low-budget design. The book adheres to the same principles of second language acquisition as Dee’s other StudyDo designs, but also meets the needs of short vacation programs.

Designed for easy printing:
The book is in black and white, sized for standard paper, and an efficient 24 pages. Book can be easily printed on regular household printers and stapled, clipped, or held in a folder.

Designed for multiple levels and teamwork:
The activities use fun, open-ended tasks that can be completed with teamwork by learners of multiple language levels and ages.

Designed to encourage environmental awareness:
The activities are designed around recycling and reusing topics, including ideas for recycling the book itself.

Designed to be fun:
The book is full of coloring, drawing, games, and interesting creative tasks that encourage generating and sharing new ideas.

Although originally meant for summer camps, the book can easily be used by groups of children in any setting, even without a teacher. In time for the winter holidays, we’re releasing the book here. The high-resolution, print-ready EFL Holiday is now available for immediate download. Warning: To ensure the best print quality, the file is large.